Friday, December 21, 2007

New Merchant - Casual Gamer Chick

Movaya is excited to have a new merchant partner on board with our PlugNPlay system - Casual Gamer Chick.

Casual Gamer Chick is a blog that covers all areas of casual games, and was started by Jennifer, a stay-at-home mother of two children (ages two and four) who's found a love for casual video games.

Tossing aside a career in information security, she has decided it would be more fun to write about the game industry, mobile games, hand-held games and bring gamers closer to the only true classic art of video games: the casual game.

After signing up with Movaya, Casual Gamer Chick can sell popular mobile games to her fans and readers. They implemented the Flash store which provides for a very easy integration with their existing site.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

College Ringtones and Wallpapers on sale

BustedThumbs, a site Movaya powers, has added Football themed College Wallpapers to its lineup. The site is marketing college fight songs and wallpapers featuring colleges from all levels of NCAA divisions, including Pac 10, Big 10, Big 12, ACC, Big East, SEC and more. The football themed wallpapers for your cell phone are just in time for the college bowl season. The mobile content is published by 2Thumbz, Movaya's exclusive partner for college content for mobile devices.

Previously, the content (for mobile devices like phones and smartphones) on the site included all types of mobile games, college wallpapers (for basketball), college ringtones - fightsongs - and has seen steady sales.

A curious trend is matching up the advertising spend to the content sales. It is very hard to compete against companies such as Thumbplay and Playphone (and Jamster), who market their ringtone subscription servcies, and because of the nature of the subscription service and the long term value of the subscribers, these companies can spend far more on pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

These companies are willing to pay up to $18 to acquire a customer using affiliate networks. They will pay $2-3 in PPC campaigns. For those of us selling ringtones and wallpapers on a per item basis, it is hard to justify spending that much...leading us to be more creative.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Movaya gaining website visitor traction

A local Seattle entrepreneur maintains a list of Seattle Startup companies in the tech industry, and ranks them according to the website traffic each firm gets on a monthly basis. You can find the site here, Seattle 2.0

This is a great list to check in on: who is rising, falling, or completely off the list.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hottest Casual Games for Mobile Now Available Off-Deck from Sandlot Games

Online Store Powered by Movaya Offers Cake Mania, Slyder for Mobile

BOTHELL, Wash — November 27, 2007 — Sandlot Games® (, the world's premier developer and publisher of casual and family-friendly games, and Movaya (, a leading provider of mobile content distribution software solutions, today announced the availability of mobile games direct from Sandlot Games web site.

Through Sandlot Games' branded online store, powered by Movaya's mobile game e-commerce solution, consumers can now purchase popular mobile game titles including Cake Mania® and Slyder®.

"Now consumers have a very easy, instantaneous way to get the most popular Sandlot Games' on their phones," said Daniel Bernstein, founder and CEO of Sandlot Games. "Movaya's e-commerce mobile game solution is a great fit for our online store and we expect it will dramatically improve sales of our mobile titles."

In addition to powering the online store's mobile game distribution, Movaya processes mobile game order transactions, provides real-time reporting services, and offers customer support services.

"Movaya is focused on the off-deck distribution of mobile games in the U.S. via websites and WAP sites," said Phil Yerkes, CEO of Movaya. "By taking advantage of our mobile game distribution platform, Sandlot Games can expand its mobile game sales opportunities by offering customers a user-friendly experience directly from their own website."

Popular casual game titles for mobile, including Cake Mania and Slyder, are now available for purchase at

About Sandlot Games
Sandlot Games Corporation, headquartered in Bothell, Washington, is the world's premier developer and publisher of casual and family-friendly games. Sandlot Games boasts a captivating portfolio of popular game titles and franchises including Cake Mania®, Glyph®, Super Granny®, Tradewinds® and Westward®. Sandlot Games reaches millions of game players worldwide through a variety of distribution channels including online, PC, PDA's, handhelds, videogame consoles and mobile phones. Since 2002, over 100 million games have been downloaded by its loyal fan base. For more information or to play one of our award winning games, please visit us at

About Movaya
Movaya ( is a Seattle-based technology company, whose mobile-content management and distribution software system allows mobile game publishers and online retailers to effortlessly extend their businesses to the growing off-deck mobile gaming marketplace. Movaya PlugNPlay is the company's flagship product, which brings together Mobile Game Publishers, Online Retailers and consumers in one marketplace for Mobile goods. Movaya is powering the off-deck, mobile gaming industry.

Jared Nieuwenhuis
Sandlot Games
425-486-5822 x291

Justin Hall
Voxus Inc.
253-853-5151 x234

Duke Nukem Mobile - Game added to Movaya Library

Another mobilized 'classic PC game title' was added to the Movaya game library: Duke Nukem returns in an all new adventure, battling his way through hordes of powerful mutants in 10 action-packed levels!

The game is published by MachineWorks Northwest

Duke Nukem is a traditional platform video game originally developed and published by Apogee Software (now 3D Realms), featuring the adventures of Duke Nukem. The game was released on July 1st, 1991.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Movaya Releases PlugNPlay 2.0 for Mobile Games, Welcomes Casual Game Merchants

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 15, 2007 -- Movaya (, a leading provider of mobile content distribution software solutions, today announces that it has released PlugNPlay 2.0, the newest edition of its Mobile Game and Application distribution and management platform.

With PlugNPlay, Movaya enables online merchants, casual game merchants and anyone with a website, blog or forum to create a store for selling mobile games, mobile applications or any type of mobile content. From the website to the sales page, everything that the customer sees can be branded with the company's logo, style and formatting.

Version 2.0 of PlugNPlay introduces three new, key components:
  • Instant WAP store that allow any PlugNPlay client to have a mobile version of their store
  • FLASH Interfaces provide the easiest way for clients to get online
  • XML Feed for advanced programming.

"The ability to use the PlugNPlay XML Feed has allowed Capcom to build a custom web application and sell our games directly to consumers," said Matt Gillis, Senior Vice President of Publishing, Capcom Interactive, Inc. "This has created an additional revenue stream for us with little to no risk to the company."

With these new features in place, and more games in the system (currently over 400 titles from companies such as RealNetworks, Capcom, COM2US and more), Movaya readily welcomes Casual Game Merchants to use its system to add Mobile Game sales to their existing stores.

"Movaya is focused on developing the most complete, flexible, easy to use system for off-deck distribution," said Phil Yerkes, CEO of Movaya. "And this includes distribution of mobile games not only via websites but WAP sites as well. By taking advantage of the flexibility of our mobile game distribution platform, anyone can expand into mobile game and application sales."

Platinum Studios, an entertainment company that specializes in developing and adapting comics and graphic novel content to other media, has gone online with a website for mobile content sales, Additionally, with the new features of PlugNPlay 2.0, Platinum was able to instanly add a WAP store. Using your cell phone you can visit

An example of the PlugNPlay Flash Interface can be seen at

About Capcom
Capcom is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment. Founded in 1983, the company has created world-renowned franchises including Resident Evil®, Street Fighter®, Mega Man®, Breath of Fire®, Devil May Cry® and the Onimusha® series. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the company maintains operations in the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany, Tokyo and Hong Kong. More information about Capcom and its products can be found on the company's web site at

Since its establishment in November of 2005, Capcom Interactive, Inc. has published several mobile games based on Capcom’s celebrated intellectual property, including 1942, Ghost n' Goblins, Mega Man and Resident Evil®: The Missions, to commercial and critical acclaim. For additional information on the company and its offerings, please visit

About Platinum Studios:
Platinum Studios is an entertainment company that specializes in developing and adapting comics and graphic novel content to feature film, television, animation, games, the Internet, and other media. Our independent library of comic characters is the largest in the world and contains more than 3,800 characters that have appeared in hundreds of millions of comics in 25 languages and more than 50 countries. Simply put, we create, produce, and distribute comic-based content, and lots of it.

About Movaya:
Movaya is a Seattle-based technology company focused on creating the premier E-Commerce Solution for Mobile Software Publishers and Online Merchants.

"Powering the Next Generation of Mobile Content Distribution"

Since its founding in 2006, Movaya has been dedicated to the development of its revolutionary mobile-content management and distribution software platform; a platform that has created a new distribution channel for mobile publishers and enables any one to sell and distribute mobile-content such has video games, applications, music and videos.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

R4 Mobile and Movaya Partner to Bring Interactive Marketing to Mobile Applications

Movaya-Powered Websites Now Able to Leverage Ad-Sponsored Mobile Content

SEATTLE, WA AND SAN DIEGO, CA - October 18, 2007 - R4 Mobile, a leader in interactive mobile marketing and merchandising solutions, has announced a partnership with Movaya, a leading provider of mobile content distribution software solutions. R4 Mobile provides tools and services for mobile applications to drive discovery and consumption of premium content. Configurable modules include dynamic sponsorship capabilities, in-application advertising, content licensing, interactive consumer feedback interfaces, up sells, cross sells, and viral functionality. Movaya will leverage R4 Mobile within its Platform M™, a complete web-based ecommerce software platform for mobile content transactions. Movaya will now be able to offer ad-supported content within its suite of mobile content distribution offerings, including its PlugNPlay system.

"We are always looking for innovative solutions to drive more revenues for our merchant and content publisher partners," stated Phil Yerkes, CEO and Co-founder of Movaya. "Given the uniqueness and scalability of their solution, we selected R4 Mobile to be our partner to provide interactive marketing and merchandising services. In addition to new revenue models, the R4 Mobile solution provides our customers insights regarding consumer behavior not previously available."

R4 Mobile's Interactive Marketing and Merchandising Platform™ is the industry leading white-labeled solution for carriers and portals to rapidly and effortlessly unlock the richness of advertising and merchandising uniquely available from within mobile applications. R4 Mobile solutions provide an array of mobile sponsorship modules, innovative real-time campaign management tools, and compelling insights into consumer behavior and preferences. For the first time, R4 Mobile's partners will have access to content preferences, usage patters, and explicit demographic and psychographic information which can be leveraged to dramatically increase the value of mobile advertising campaigns and targeting capabilities.

"At R4 Mobile, we created a highly scalable solution that brings interactive marketing and merchandising to mobile applications with no developer integration required," said Mark Munoz, COO of R4 Mobile. "We are pleased to be working with a leader such as Movaya who will make this solution available to its portal customers. For Movaya, its partners, and us, advertising is not the only objective. Rather, R4 Mobile makes it easy to engage with end users and drive purchases of premium content. We believe sponsored applications will drive content awareness and increase consumption of premium content to the benefit of all parties."

Movaya has partnered with several leading game publishers and online merchants such as Capcom Interactive,, Freezetag, GOSUB 60 and COM2US. Through its Platform M™', Movaya provides end-to-end mobile content storefront enablement from storefront creation, catalog management and over-the-air delivery of content and billing.

About Movaya
Movaya ( ) is a Seattle-based technology company, whose mobile-content management and distribution software system allows mobile game publishers and online retailers to effortlessly extend their businesses to the growing off-deck mobile gaming marketplace. Movaya PlugNPlay is the company's flagship product, which brings together Mobile Game Publishers, Online Retailers and consumers in one marketplace for Mobile goods. Movaya is powering the off-deck, mobile gaming industry.

About R4 Mobile, Inc.
R4 Mobile is the leader in mobile marketing and merchandising solutions. Based in San Diego, California, R4 Mobile provides highly scalable, rapidly deployable mobile marketing and merchandising solutions for carriers, portals, and content publishers to grow consumption of premium mobile content and drive marketing revenues. For consumer brands, R4 Mobile provides turn-key, innovative marketing services that raise brand awareness, consumer relevance, interaction and acquisition. For additional information, email


R4 and R4 Mobile are trademarks of R4 Mobile, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Press Contacts:
Movaya: John Calian, 206-527-2920
john.calian @

R4 Mobile: Mark Munoz, 858-459-2135

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Capcom Interactive launches Off Deck Mobile Game Sales

Capcom® Interactive, Inc., a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of mobile interactive entertainment in North America, today announced the launch of a new e-commerce service on the company’s website. The new service allows customers to locate and download Capcom branded mobile games directly to their handset using a simple and intuitive web interface.

"For mobile games to expand we need to find easier ways to get interactive content into the hands of consumers," said Matt Gillis, Senior Vice-President, Publishing at Capcom Interactive, Inc. "With the launch of our new e-store, it’s our intention to give Capcom fans a quick and easy means to experience classic Capcom content on their mobile devices."

To power the e-commerce services, Capcom partnered with Movaya, a leading provider of mobile content distribution software solutions. Movaya will manage the online sale and Over-the-Air (OTA) delivery in addition to jointly managing the store with Capcom. In addition Movaya is providing real-time reporting services and customer service support.

"Movaya is laser focused on the Off-Deck distribution of Mobile Games in North America," said Phil Yerkes, CEO of Movaya. "By taking advantage of our mobile content distribution platform, Capcom can expand its mobile game sales opportunities and offer customers a user-friendly experience directly from their own website."

Capcom is currently made available several of its best selling titles on the online store including Mega Man II, ESPN Poker Club, Millionaire ’07 and the newly released Street Fighter II.

Capcom Mobile Store powered by Movaya

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kingston Technology Launches New microSD Collegiate Cards Delivering Mobile Functionality

Kingston Technologies released some PR today announcing hte launch of their collegiate card program. The company sells its MicroSD cards (the small storage cards that fit into cell phones and music players) through all major college bookstores. In a joint effort with both Movaya and 2Thumbz, the company is offering a free college themed ringtone or wallpaper with each purchase.

The press release is here.

This is a great opportunity for Movaya as it showcases the flexibility of the mobile content management and distribution system it has built. Not only are all mobile game publishers and merchants using the system, but off-line companies are starting to take advantage of it as well.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Movaya's Mobile Phone Blog featured in BusinessWeek

BusinessWeek, the number one business weekly, has a featured the blog of Movaya founders Phil Yerkes and John Calian in its 'BlogSpotting' area in this weeks UpFront section of the magazine. was created as an effort to keep readers informed about the mobile content and cell phone industries. It has built a sizable following and clearly getting showcased by BusinessWeek is a great bit of recognition.

The article showcases the features of the Check it out sometime.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Essential Applications uses PlugNPlay, sells its Java games through Movaya

Essential Applications has signed on with Movaya for mobile game distribution and as a PlugNPlay customer. Check out their use of PlugNPlay and the custom style they used on the Checkout Page, which showcases one of the many unique features of the PlugNPlay service. One game is now available to all PlugNPlay clients, Ali the Penguin. You can purchase the game right from Essential Applications website here. Download a movie of Ali the Penguin being played HERE! (1.2Mb AVI).

About Essential Applications

From the beginning, Essential Applications has been on the cutting edge, working in advanced mobile markets. It began offering services in Japan and has branched out to other countries as opportunities have presented themselves. The company has an extensive portfolio of content that it offers to mobile users, including over 100 games and thousands of wallpapers and ringtones.

Essential Applications is a privately held corporation established November of 2000 and is based in Austin, TX, USA.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mobile Gaming Rev up 50% in 2007

According to the latest analysis by Garter, mobile gaming revenues are set to grow 50% in 2007.

From the article:

As consumer awareness grows and publishers release more content, worldwide mobile gaming end-user revenue will grow from $2.9 billion in 2006 to $9.6 billion in 2011, according to Gartner, Inc. Worldwide mobile gaming revenue is on pace to total $4.3 billion in 2007, a 49.9% increase from 2006.

“Given the ubiquity of mobile phones in many markets and the ease of game-play, mobile gaming is expected to reach more of the global population than has been the case for traditional PC and console gaming,” said Tuong Huy Nguyen, senior research analyst at Gartner. “This will catapult mobile gaming revenue beyond that from mobile TV and adult content, but we still expect it to lag behind mobile music, since music is a more familiar form of entertainment.”

Its interesting to note that this analyst is predicting that mobile gaming will outgrow both console (Xbox, Playstation, etx) and PC gaming. Great news for Movaya and the industry as a whole.

The full article is here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Movaya CEO Phil Yerkes featured on KIRO 7 radio

We're just scratching the surface of what we can do with cell phones, and a Seattle company is focusing on the fun side of things. In this CEO Spotlight, Jason Brooks introduces us to Movaya.

About KIRO
At 50,000 watts, Newsradio 710 KIRO covers most of Western Washington including parts of Oregon and British Columbia. 710 KIRO is a Bonneville-owned radio station and an affiliate of CBS Radio News. With our network satellite facility and internet audio streaming capability, 710 KIRO is heard 'round the world!

Download interview here (mp3)

Movaya founders featured on UW Business School website

Movaya founders Phil Yerkes and John Calian are currently featured as entrepreneurs who have graduated from the University of Washington's Graduate Business School.

Phil and John attended the UW together, both receiving a MBA in Technology Management (2003). As teammates throughout the entire 18 month program, Phil and John not only hatched the idea for Movaya, but knew that they could work together productively after getting through the program together.

Check out the site here: Movaya UW Alumni Profile

Friday, June 8, 2007

Concrete Software Inks Deal with Movaya

Movaya is very pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership agreement with Concrete Software. Soon, Concrete Software games will be sold and distributed through the Movaya PlugNPlay Platform.

Such games as Aces Texas Hold'em - No Limit, Aces Blackjack, 3D Constructo Combat, 2020 Special Ops will be available through PlugNPlay.

About Concrete Software
Concrete Software creates innovative, high quality and easy to use software from personal productivity applications to games. Concrete Software supplies applications that run on virtually all mobile platforms including BlackBerry® handhelds, Pocket PC, Smartphone, Palm, and mobile phones and does so across many major operators, retail stores and anywhere else mobile software is sold.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Leading Korean Mobile Game Maker Com2Us joins Movaya PlugNPlay

Largest Mobile Game Producer in Korea

Com2Us needed a web solution to sell and give away games to the Korean-Maerican population that is a part of their online community. They chose to work with Movaya becausethe PlugNPlay system provided the tools they needed to get up and online with game sales quickly and with little development time.

About Com2Us
Com2uS Corporation, established in July 1998, became the first and leading mobile entertainment provider in Korea. Since then, Com2uS has developed a reputation for creating innovative and entertaining games and
applications around the world, which are available in over 40 countries in Asia, Europe and North America.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Movaya CEO Phil Yerkes interviewed @

Our very own Phil Yerkes, CEO, was interviewed by online 'zine (read it here). The interview was conducted by Nathan C. Kaiser on Thursday, May 31, 2007 in Seattle, WA. Phil has been active in the mobile world for over 6 years now and is quickly gaining a reputation as 'a guy to know' in the industry. You can check out his personal blog here. is a site devoted to entrepreneurship and startups. The Tech Startup Job Board features opportunities with Internet, Software, Hardware and Biotech startups. By focusing on the tech startup space, we have found that we can bring together startups with people that are specifically interested in and familiar with the dynamic and high growth nature of startups.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

FreezeTag launches mobile game section, uses unique BUY page

FreezeTag, based in southern California, launched a Mobile Game section on their casual game website. They used PlugNPlay to quickly start testing out the market.

As a publisher of casual games, Freeze Tag delivers the best of class casual video games where ever consumers want to play. Appealing to an audience of families, men, women and kids of all ages, Freeze Tag's gaming content will introduce leading consumer brands to the casual gaming consumer.

Freeze Tag was able to use Movaya PlugNPlay to quickly and inexpensively add Mobile Games to their store offerings. And, the company created a unique way to display the Movaya PlugNPlay checkout page using html layers. This is another example of how PlugNPlay can be adapted by any website.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ozzoom launches Mobile Games using Movaya PlugNPlay

Ozzoom ( has launched a Mobile Game section from its casual gaming store. Ozzoom chose to use the PlugNPlay system from Movaya because it enabled the company to get up and running in one day. Ozzoom used the 'widget' code snippets, which are simple copy and paste html snippets that allow for companies to sell one product at a time.

Ozzoom Games is dedicated to the publishing of quality downloadable games and online games for the casual games market. The company's mission is to offer the best casual and mobile games available from its family-friendly, easy to use site. To achieve that aim Ozzoom Games is working with a select group of games publishers to bring its customers the best and latest new release games for free.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Movaya releases PlugNPlay 1.0

The Movaya team has shed the 'BETA' from its PlugNPlay service, and has officially launched PlugNPlay 1.0.

PlugNPlay provides the mobile content marketplace a simple, cost-effective method to go to market as a mobile content merchant. Simply sign up with PlugNPlay online, configure your mobile store, and start selling mobile games, ringtones and wallpapers.

Version 1.0 additionally offers:
  • URL tracking and ROI analysis - track your advertising and figure out your ROI
  • Alternative billing: launch campaigns with carrier billing (PSMS) OR use credit card, PayPal or Google Checkout
Basic PlugNPlay service includes:
  • Integrated solution to support all aspects of ecommerce transactions for mobile-content (video games, ringtones, wallpapers and more).
  • Relationships with mobile-content publishers and cellular carriers so that you can sell from any retail storefront, web site or blog.
  • Movaya handles payment processing, customer care and reporting.
  • Similar to an affiliate program, you provide the links, we do all the transactions.
  • Joining Movaya's PlugNPlay Program is easy! Simply fill out the fields below for full access to the PlugNPlay system. You can be selling Mobile Content in minutes.
  • And best yet, its Free.

The service will soon offer Flash Lite games and applications and video clips for download.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Conservation Calling uses PlugNPlay for games

Conservation Calling, where every download makes a difference, has launched a mobile game store from its website. The site has historically sold ringtones and wallpapers for cell phones with a 'nature' theme, and the company supports American Forests' Global ReLeaf campaign by contributing 10% of its net revenue to restore wildlife habitat and urban canopy.

The company was looking for an easy and cost effective way to add mobile games to its store offerings. Using Movay's PlugNPlay was a natural fit, as the development resources of the company are very limited. Total development time was less than 10 hours, and in one business week the site launched its mobile game section.

Sherry Stern, CEO of, said "Thanks to the Movaya platform, I'm able to go direct-to-consumer with mobile games. A lot of companies tout "plug and play"; Movaya really delivered!"

About Conservation Calling
At Conservation Calling, we think that personalizing cellphones with ringtones and images is fun. We also believe that in our "always on, always with you" world, it's more important than ever to weave soothing, reflective moments into our daily lives. We believe that nature and the outdoors is good for everyone. Not the eat-your-veggies kind of good for you, but rather that nature provides a deep sense of well-being that resonates inside all of us. Conservation Calling is a company "where every download makes a difference". We contribute 10% of our net revenue to American Forests and their Global ReLeaf campaign. Every dollar donated plants a tree.

Monday, May 7, 2007

CoreyToons launches mobile store, uses Movaya PlugNPlay

Corey Toons has officially launched its mobile store, which uses Movaya's PlugNPlay service. Corey Toons creates unique digital characters. The company wanted to be able to offer the chartacters as mobile phone wallpapers and screensavers. Since the compnay had limited resources and knowledge in the mobile storefront industry, they chose to partner with Movaya and use its PlugNPlay service to quickly and cost effectively launch a mobile store.

"CoreyToons Mobile content goes well with Movaya's plugNPlay mobile delivery system where wireless internet users can download cartoon personalities for their mobile phones from the CoreyToons web site, says CoreyToons CEO Lee Corey. "Now any one can instantly change personalities with a click of a mouse."

Corey indicated that he can now work on expanding his mobile content offerings, including talking animated characters, wallpapers, cartoon videos and animated content for wireless. Corey continues to say "We are getting great feedback and we are focused more than ever on doing things in the mobile phone arena that have never been done before. PlugNPlay gives us more time to do what we do best and that is "Make Cartoons!"

Monday, April 16, 2007

CEO Phil Yerkes featured in Seattle Times 'Interface'

Movaya CEO Phil Yerkes was featured in the Seattle Times' Interface piece in the business section today.

The Interface piece, written this week by Charles Bermant, highlights Seattle-area executives, and is printed on the business homepage when published.

Thursday, April 12, 2007 to sell Mobile Games through Movaya PlugNPlay

Green Apple GamesMovaya welcomes, a top casual games portal offering the latest casual games from the top developers from around the world for the PC and Mac platforms. It continues to keep its site clean from viruses and spyware and has one of the biggest and highest quality game catalogs on the Internet with over 700 casual games...and growing.

Now, the Movaya PlugNPlay catalog will be added to the portal to provide a deep catalog of mobile games. Welcome aboard.

Check out the games here

"Road Chase" To Join Movaya PlugNPlay

Encore's "Road Chase" is the latset addition to sign up with Movaya. Here are some comments from the Poland based development team:

The game works on phones with MIDP 1.0 and 2.0: Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sagem, Panasonic (and other if you need). Road Chase works on very limited devices too (for example Nokia S40 1st Editon with MIDP1, very small memory size, very low speed and JAR 63KB).

The game has a lot of unique features (among mobile 2D games of course):

  • real rearview mirror
  • cars go in BOTH directions
  • real windscreen wipers (vector) clean windscreen if is snowing or raining
  • the vector maps which you can freely rotate, zoom and pan themas well as show or hide cities names
  • three maps (England, USA, China) are real cities, distances
  • vector speedometer and tachometer
  • changeable routes
  • good artificial intelligence of computer's cars
  • three profiles, three save-games
  • hi-score for each track in each map
  • shaded road with generated tracks

Check out the screenshots and demo at Looks like a great effort.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

CyberGolf to Sell Mobile Golf Games

CybergolfCatering to the needs of golf fans nationwide, has singed an agreement to offer Mobile Golf games from many of their 700+ golf course web sites. The sites cater to local golfers across the country and expose a huge base of golfers to mobile games for the first time. "This is a great showcase of how a specific type of game can be targeted at a specific audience, by utilizing the Movaya PlugNPlay Platform," said Movaya CEO Phil Yerkes.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Cake Mania

30 Million Downloads. That's the success story of the PC Casual Game superstar, Cake Mania.

And now Cake Mania's recently released mobile version is part of the Movaya PlugNPlay library.

IGN provides a glowing review of the mobile version. "Cake Mania is a casual PC-to-mobile success story, just like Diner Dash. The spirit of the game survives the transition fully intact, the new control scheme keeps the game extremely playable, and the visuals are accurate approximations of those found in the PC game...Fans of the original should download it for cake-making fun on the go, while newcomers should see for themselves why Cake Mania earned over 30 million downloads in the first place."

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Orange Pixel Inks Deal with Movaya

Movaya is very pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership agreement with Orange Pixel. Soon, Orange Pixel games will be sold and distributed through the Movaya PlugNPlay Platform.

, makers of Brik-Link, Rocket Boy, Bubble Bee and Mechanics, was founded in 2004. They aim to entertain casual and hardcore gamers with easy, fun, and intuitive games, pushing game-design into new creative directions. We look forward to adding the games to the Movaya PlugNPlay library soon.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Movaya CEO Phil Yerkes to Speak at Alliance of Angels Spring Forum

Movaya CEO Phil Yerkes will be a panelist on May 8, when the Alliance of Angels holds its Spring Forum at RealNetworks. Here's the overview from their Web site:

2007 Alliance of Angels Spring Forum- Emerald City: Game On!

In an October 2006 report, Sperling's "Best Places" listed Seattle as the "#1 city for US gaming". With industry leaders such as Real Networks, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony's Gamehouse calling the Emerald City home, we are poised to become a creative and commercial hub. With the advent of online and mobile gaming, many companies can participate in the gaming "ecosystem." What does this mean for start-ups and investors? How can entrepreneurs monetize this opportunity? How do you determine the best early-stage gaming industry investments?

Expert panelists include:
Garrett Link, GM GameHouse Studios (subsidiary of RealNetworks)
Cameron Myhrvold, Partner, Ignition Partners (venture capital perspective)
Derrick Morton, CEO, Flowplay
Phil Yerkes, CEO, Movaya

Tuesday, May 8, 2007 3:00-5:00 p.m. (Reception to follow)
RealNetworks, Forum and Atrium
2601 Elliott Avenue, Suite 1000
Seattle, WA 98121
[$35 for Alliance of Angels members, $50 for non-members]

This should be a great opportuntiy to meet some folks from both the gaming and Angel communities. Let us know if you'll be there.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Admin Updates

Thanks to everyone who has submitted bug reports and suggestions as we work through the Movaya PlugNPlay Beta. A few updates this week include the following:
- Changes in the design of the admin pages
- Better instructions and tutorials
- More showcase sites
- Revised FAQ's

More changes to come this week so keep the comments and feedback coming in.

238 games and counting

It's been a great month for adding games to Movaya PlugNPlay. We currently have 238 games in the library, so whether your web site is about golf, poker, mahjong, backgammon, rugby, or just about anything else, there's a mobile game you can quickly add for sale.

44 Casino Games, 29 Sports Games, 27 Puzzle Games, and hundreds more - there's something for every web site. Check out the whole library when you set up your account.

Movaya at CTIA

We want to thank everyone we met with down at CTIA last week. Phil has a good report over at, but we also want to thank the game publishers and partners we were able to spend time with.

If you're planning to attend a mobile or games industry event in the next few months, make sure to drop us a line so we schedule some time to sync up with you in person.