Thursday, May 31, 2007

Movaya CEO Phil Yerkes interviewed @

Our very own Phil Yerkes, CEO, was interviewed by online 'zine (read it here). The interview was conducted by Nathan C. Kaiser on Thursday, May 31, 2007 in Seattle, WA. Phil has been active in the mobile world for over 6 years now and is quickly gaining a reputation as 'a guy to know' in the industry. You can check out his personal blog here. is a site devoted to entrepreneurship and startups. The Tech Startup Job Board features opportunities with Internet, Software, Hardware and Biotech startups. By focusing on the tech startup space, we have found that we can bring together startups with people that are specifically interested in and familiar with the dynamic and high growth nature of startups.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

FreezeTag launches mobile game section, uses unique BUY page

FreezeTag, based in southern California, launched a Mobile Game section on their casual game website. They used PlugNPlay to quickly start testing out the market.

As a publisher of casual games, Freeze Tag delivers the best of class casual video games where ever consumers want to play. Appealing to an audience of families, men, women and kids of all ages, Freeze Tag's gaming content will introduce leading consumer brands to the casual gaming consumer.

Freeze Tag was able to use Movaya PlugNPlay to quickly and inexpensively add Mobile Games to their store offerings. And, the company created a unique way to display the Movaya PlugNPlay checkout page using html layers. This is another example of how PlugNPlay can be adapted by any website.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ozzoom launches Mobile Games using Movaya PlugNPlay

Ozzoom ( has launched a Mobile Game section from its casual gaming store. Ozzoom chose to use the PlugNPlay system from Movaya because it enabled the company to get up and running in one day. Ozzoom used the 'widget' code snippets, which are simple copy and paste html snippets that allow for companies to sell one product at a time.

Ozzoom Games is dedicated to the publishing of quality downloadable games and online games for the casual games market. The company's mission is to offer the best casual and mobile games available from its family-friendly, easy to use site. To achieve that aim Ozzoom Games is working with a select group of games publishers to bring its customers the best and latest new release games for free.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Movaya releases PlugNPlay 1.0

The Movaya team has shed the 'BETA' from its PlugNPlay service, and has officially launched PlugNPlay 1.0.

PlugNPlay provides the mobile content marketplace a simple, cost-effective method to go to market as a mobile content merchant. Simply sign up with PlugNPlay online, configure your mobile store, and start selling mobile games, ringtones and wallpapers.

Version 1.0 additionally offers:
  • URL tracking and ROI analysis - track your advertising and figure out your ROI
  • Alternative billing: launch campaigns with carrier billing (PSMS) OR use credit card, PayPal or Google Checkout
Basic PlugNPlay service includes:
  • Integrated solution to support all aspects of ecommerce transactions for mobile-content (video games, ringtones, wallpapers and more).
  • Relationships with mobile-content publishers and cellular carriers so that you can sell from any retail storefront, web site or blog.
  • Movaya handles payment processing, customer care and reporting.
  • Similar to an affiliate program, you provide the links, we do all the transactions.
  • Joining Movaya's PlugNPlay Program is easy! Simply fill out the fields below for full access to the PlugNPlay system. You can be selling Mobile Content in minutes.
  • And best yet, its Free.

The service will soon offer Flash Lite games and applications and video clips for download.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Conservation Calling uses PlugNPlay for games

Conservation Calling, where every download makes a difference, has launched a mobile game store from its website. The site has historically sold ringtones and wallpapers for cell phones with a 'nature' theme, and the company supports American Forests' Global ReLeaf campaign by contributing 10% of its net revenue to restore wildlife habitat and urban canopy.

The company was looking for an easy and cost effective way to add mobile games to its store offerings. Using Movay's PlugNPlay was a natural fit, as the development resources of the company are very limited. Total development time was less than 10 hours, and in one business week the site launched its mobile game section.

Sherry Stern, CEO of, said "Thanks to the Movaya platform, I'm able to go direct-to-consumer with mobile games. A lot of companies tout "plug and play"; Movaya really delivered!"

About Conservation Calling
At Conservation Calling, we think that personalizing cellphones with ringtones and images is fun. We also believe that in our "always on, always with you" world, it's more important than ever to weave soothing, reflective moments into our daily lives. We believe that nature and the outdoors is good for everyone. Not the eat-your-veggies kind of good for you, but rather that nature provides a deep sense of well-being that resonates inside all of us. Conservation Calling is a company "where every download makes a difference". We contribute 10% of our net revenue to American Forests and their Global ReLeaf campaign. Every dollar donated plants a tree.

Monday, May 7, 2007

CoreyToons launches mobile store, uses Movaya PlugNPlay

Corey Toons has officially launched its mobile store, which uses Movaya's PlugNPlay service. Corey Toons creates unique digital characters. The company wanted to be able to offer the chartacters as mobile phone wallpapers and screensavers. Since the compnay had limited resources and knowledge in the mobile storefront industry, they chose to partner with Movaya and use its PlugNPlay service to quickly and cost effectively launch a mobile store.

"CoreyToons Mobile content goes well with Movaya's plugNPlay mobile delivery system where wireless internet users can download cartoon personalities for their mobile phones from the CoreyToons web site, says CoreyToons CEO Lee Corey. "Now any one can instantly change personalities with a click of a mouse."

Corey indicated that he can now work on expanding his mobile content offerings, including talking animated characters, wallpapers, cartoon videos and animated content for wireless. Corey continues to say "We are getting great feedback and we are focused more than ever on doing things in the mobile phone arena that have never been done before. PlugNPlay gives us more time to do what we do best and that is "Make Cartoons!"