Monday, May 7, 2007

CoreyToons launches mobile store, uses Movaya PlugNPlay

Corey Toons has officially launched its mobile store, which uses Movaya's PlugNPlay service. Corey Toons creates unique digital characters. The company wanted to be able to offer the chartacters as mobile phone wallpapers and screensavers. Since the compnay had limited resources and knowledge in the mobile storefront industry, they chose to partner with Movaya and use its PlugNPlay service to quickly and cost effectively launch a mobile store.

"CoreyToons Mobile content goes well with Movaya's plugNPlay mobile delivery system where wireless internet users can download cartoon personalities for their mobile phones from the CoreyToons web site, says CoreyToons CEO Lee Corey. "Now any one can instantly change personalities with a click of a mouse."

Corey indicated that he can now work on expanding his mobile content offerings, including talking animated characters, wallpapers, cartoon videos and animated content for wireless. Corey continues to say "We are getting great feedback and we are focused more than ever on doing things in the mobile phone arena that have never been done before. PlugNPlay gives us more time to do what we do best and that is "Make Cartoons!"

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