Thursday, October 18, 2007

R4 Mobile and Movaya Partner to Bring Interactive Marketing to Mobile Applications

Movaya-Powered Websites Now Able to Leverage Ad-Sponsored Mobile Content

SEATTLE, WA AND SAN DIEGO, CA - October 18, 2007 - R4 Mobile, a leader in interactive mobile marketing and merchandising solutions, has announced a partnership with Movaya, a leading provider of mobile content distribution software solutions. R4 Mobile provides tools and services for mobile applications to drive discovery and consumption of premium content. Configurable modules include dynamic sponsorship capabilities, in-application advertising, content licensing, interactive consumer feedback interfaces, up sells, cross sells, and viral functionality. Movaya will leverage R4 Mobile within its Platform M™, a complete web-based ecommerce software platform for mobile content transactions. Movaya will now be able to offer ad-supported content within its suite of mobile content distribution offerings, including its PlugNPlay system.

"We are always looking for innovative solutions to drive more revenues for our merchant and content publisher partners," stated Phil Yerkes, CEO and Co-founder of Movaya. "Given the uniqueness and scalability of their solution, we selected R4 Mobile to be our partner to provide interactive marketing and merchandising services. In addition to new revenue models, the R4 Mobile solution provides our customers insights regarding consumer behavior not previously available."

R4 Mobile's Interactive Marketing and Merchandising Platform™ is the industry leading white-labeled solution for carriers and portals to rapidly and effortlessly unlock the richness of advertising and merchandising uniquely available from within mobile applications. R4 Mobile solutions provide an array of mobile sponsorship modules, innovative real-time campaign management tools, and compelling insights into consumer behavior and preferences. For the first time, R4 Mobile's partners will have access to content preferences, usage patters, and explicit demographic and psychographic information which can be leveraged to dramatically increase the value of mobile advertising campaigns and targeting capabilities.

"At R4 Mobile, we created a highly scalable solution that brings interactive marketing and merchandising to mobile applications with no developer integration required," said Mark Munoz, COO of R4 Mobile. "We are pleased to be working with a leader such as Movaya who will make this solution available to its portal customers. For Movaya, its partners, and us, advertising is not the only objective. Rather, R4 Mobile makes it easy to engage with end users and drive purchases of premium content. We believe sponsored applications will drive content awareness and increase consumption of premium content to the benefit of all parties."

Movaya has partnered with several leading game publishers and online merchants such as Capcom Interactive,, Freezetag, GOSUB 60 and COM2US. Through its Platform M™', Movaya provides end-to-end mobile content storefront enablement from storefront creation, catalog management and over-the-air delivery of content and billing.

About Movaya
Movaya ( ) is a Seattle-based technology company, whose mobile-content management and distribution software system allows mobile game publishers and online retailers to effortlessly extend their businesses to the growing off-deck mobile gaming marketplace. Movaya PlugNPlay is the company's flagship product, which brings together Mobile Game Publishers, Online Retailers and consumers in one marketplace for Mobile goods. Movaya is powering the off-deck, mobile gaming industry.

About R4 Mobile, Inc.
R4 Mobile is the leader in mobile marketing and merchandising solutions. Based in San Diego, California, R4 Mobile provides highly scalable, rapidly deployable mobile marketing and merchandising solutions for carriers, portals, and content publishers to grow consumption of premium mobile content and drive marketing revenues. For consumer brands, R4 Mobile provides turn-key, innovative marketing services that raise brand awareness, consumer relevance, interaction and acquisition. For additional information, email


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