Thursday, December 18, 2008

Expanding our Relationship with Kingston

Yesterday we announced a new relationship with our longtime partner, Kingston Technology. I've attached the full press release below but the high level is that we now offer a "Free Mobile Game of the Day" from Kingston's Mobile Phone Village microsite found here.

Consumers who visit Mobile Phone Village will have new games daily from our catalog partners and can download games for free using our TryNBuy technology. Give it a shot by going here.

We have been partners with Kingston for a number of years and will be launching some additional services with them in the New Year as well.

Press Release:

Movaya and Kingston Technology Partner to Launch
Free Mobile Game of the Day on Mobile Phone Village

Seattle, Wash. & Fountain Valley, Calif. -- December 17, 2008 -- Movaya, a market leader in mobile content distribution and Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, announced today the launch of a free daily game download for mobile consumers on’s Mobile Phone Village microsite.

Consumers who visit Mobile Phone Village will be treated to a free Mobile Game of the Day from, a provider of mobile content. The offering uses Movaya’s TryNBuy technology; consumers simply enter their phone number to have the games sent over the air to their phone.

“Working with Kingston®, Movaya is providing mobile consumers an easy way to try out hit mobile games with our daily download," said Phil Yerkes, CEO, Movaya. “Our catalog of games includes all possible genres so there is something for everyone. And, as consumers download more rich content to their mobile devices, they will need increased memory on their phones.”

“This is a terrific opportunity for consumers to expand the functionality of their mobile phones using free games,” said Wendy Lecot, Flash business development manager, Kingston. “Our mobile memory product line provides extra capacity for lots of entertaining content including mobile games, music and applications. Our continued partnership with Movaya is a key component in our plans to expand Kingston’s Mobile Phone Village microsite. We envision the Mobile Phone Village as a destination for compelling content and storage to enhance a person’s mobile lifestyle.”

The BustedThumbs daily download can be accessed on the Kingston Mobile Phone Village microsite at

Monday, November 10, 2008

Merchant Spotlight:

We recently added a new partner to our growing merchant list - is a leading online store selling unlocked gsm cell phones and mobile devices, including accessories, bluetooth products, world phones, and soon digital cameras and camcorders.

They pride themselves on excellent customer service, speedy delivery, a large variety of products, and the best prices on the market.

And now they are offering their shoppers a large catalog of premium mobile games from our catalog partners, using our PlugNPlay offering. Click on Mobile Phone Games under Wireless Products to check it out.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Support for Blackberry Added

The Movaya team is pleased to announce that we have recently added application and game support for Blackberry devices. We had supported the delivery of ringtones and wallpapers to Blackberry phones but it had taken a little more work to get the application and game support working.

We don't have a huge catalog of Blackberry games yet but we are working with our content partners to fill out the catalog. We will also be alerting our merchant partners on how to add those games to their sales offerings.

If you have a Blackberry and want to check out the system, please visit BustedThumbs. Personally I have been playing Bliss on my Curve and it's a fun game.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Movaya Announces Growing Mobile Merchant Client Base

We issued the following press release today:

Movaya (, a leading mobile commerce service provider, today announced that over 500 publisher and merchant partners have signed up for the company's PlugNPlay and TryNBuy products, enabling these partners to sell mobile content directly to consumers.

"Movaya's technologies are revolutionizing the way consumers discover, browse and download mobile content," said Phil Yerkes, CEO of Movaya. "Rather than relying only on traditional wireless carriers as the prime merchants of mobile content including games and applications, consumers are beginning to discover and download games from all types of online merchants," Yerkes said.

Movaya offers its partners both turnkey and enterprise solutions, allowing merchants to quickly open 'App Stores in a box' for the 99% of mobile phone users that do not have an iPhone. Like both Google and RIM, who are supporting their own unique application stores, Movaya provides its partners with all the tools to build their own mobile application store: catalog of games, billing, distribution and storefront tools.

By partnering with Movaya, online merchants can select from a variety of methods to add mobile games and applications to their current stores. Mobile game publishers, casual game merchants and general video game merchants are currently the early adopters of Movaya's platform., and are recent examples of online merchants who have integrated the Movaya PlugNPlay and TryNBuy services into their websites.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Publisher Spotlight - Concrete Software

Concrete Software is a content provider of award-winning, innovative mobile software for hundreds of mobile devices around the world.

Concrete is best known for building the award winning line of Aces poker games as well as other innovative games that incorporate GPS, Bluetooth, server-side multiplayer, camera-motion, and 3D environments. Concrete applications and games can be found in retail stores, major websites, and mobile carriers around the world. Based in Minneapolis, Concrete Software was founded in 2003 and is privately owned.

Concrete has been a partner of Movaya's for awhile now. We distribute their J2ME games through third party merchants like Shabu Games and we also enable Concrete to sell their games directly from their own website.

Concrete is one of a few smaller independent mobile game publishers that have done very well in the mobile space and we're glad to have them as a partner. Personally, my favorite game of theirs is Tramp Champ which you can try for free at BustedThumbs.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Thumbthug Announces Site (, a leading provider of mobile games, announced their partnership with us today.

From the PR:

Thumbthug and Movaya (, the web-based, e-commerce software platform for mobile-content transactions, partner to integrate Movaya's Try Before You Buy (TryNBuy) mobile games solution into's mobile gaming website.

"The partnership with Movaya and their TryNBuy mobile games solution enables gamers to test drive mobile games before they buy them. Our partnership opens up the Movaya game portfolio to our gamers and allows them to download a trial version of the games, test it out and then make a purchase only if they like what they see." said David Player, Co-CEO of

We had previously showcased their site on the blog and it's great to see them getting some awareness in the market.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

T-Mobile G1 Announced

Exciting day in the mobile phone world today - Google, T-Mobile and HTC have "officially" announced the release of the T-Mobile G1 - the first Google Android device.

If you want to get complete coverage of the press event, etc., I'd suggest you check out moconews. If you want to learn more about the phone and how to get one, check out the new site at

You can pre-order the phone today and general availability will begin Oct. 22 at select T-Mobile retail stores and online in the U.S. The G1 will cost $179 with a two-year voice and data agreement.

I have been holding off on getting a new phone and if the reviews of the G1 are good, I'll be picking one up. I think this day is a game changer for the mobile world - Apple did a great job educating all of us on the power of a good mobile device but Android will help bring this power to the masses.

Fred Wilson, a well respected NY area Venture Capitalist and a great blogger, had this to say earlier this month:

"They are building a mobile operating system, Android, that is also designed for running web apps in a mobile environment. I think in time, Google's Android will be to the iPhone what Windows was to the Mac. The iPhone laid out many of the killer mobile device innovations, but its a closed device, a closed carrier relationship, and even a closed application store. Android will take all of those good ideas and put them on every device, with every carrier, and in partnership with every app developer. You'd have thought that Apple would have learned the lesson that you can't control the entire ecosystem with the Mac, but they did not."

I couldn't agree more.

Friday, September 5, 2008

New Partner - Hooters Calendar

The Movaya team is excited to announce that we have added Hooters to our growing list of mobile content partners. If you like Hooters girls, check out and you can choose from nearly 150 images to download to your mobile phone. All images are $1.99.

Hooters uses Movaya's PlugNPlay system for content management, billing, content delivery and reporting. Initially we are supporting wallpapers but in the coming weeks we will be adding support for screensavers and short format videos as well.

The implementation is well done and we look forward to helping Hooters sell more digital content to mobile devices.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Content Partner - Agitatio

The Movaya team is excited to add a new partner to our growing list of Content Developers - Norway based Agitatio.

Agitatio is a developer and publisher of mobile edutainment. They create game-based learning that is hard fun, with an emphasis on fun.

Their motto:

"If it is entertaining, users will play our games frequently, learning in the process."

The first game that they've added to the network is Problemathic 12+. It is a math breakout game that provides several hours of great entertainment and learning.

You can play in five different locations with seven levels apiece. Locations are based on important historical places for maths. Suitable for users aged 12+ years.

I gave it a spin on my SonyEricsson w580i this afternoon and it is both fun and hard. We look forward to helping Agitatio sell thousands of copies of this game and others.

You will be able to download directly from Agitatio's website soon as well as from BustedThumbs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Apple App Store First Month Sales of $30M

Was on vacation last week in sunny San Diego so didn't have much time to blog but wanted to highlight one bit of news that I'm sure just about everyone in the mobile content space saw - in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs reported that users of Apple's new App Store have downloaded more than 60 million programs, generating a total of about $30 million in sales since the service launched one month ago.

Video game developer Sega Corp. was among the biggest earners, having sold 300,000 copies of its $9.99 Super Monkeyball game in just 20 days, fueling revenues of nearly $3 million.

This is an unbelievable accomplishment in a short period of time and truly demonstrates the potential of the next generation mobile content marketplace.

According to my calculations, Apple accomplished these 60 million downloads to a base of just over 8 million iPhone users. Here's how I come up with those numbers:

April 1-June 30, 2007: 270K iPhones sold
July 1-September 30, 2007: 1.2M iPhones sold
October 1-December 31, 2007: 2.4M iPhones sold
January 1-March 30, 2008: 1.7M iPhones sold
April 1-June 30, 2008: 700K iPhones sold
July 1-today: 2M iPhones sold

Outside of the last period, all the other numbers are "official" from Apple earnings releases.

In June, Investment banker Piper Jaffray estimated that the App Store could be worth a billion dollars to Apple by the end of 2009 (based on 60M iPhones sold in the market).

And to think that even with 60M phones sold, Apple will still have less than 2% market share of all cellphones worldwide. A lot of opportunity to sell content to the other 3.74 billion mobile subscribers.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Get in the Olympic Spirit with Two New Mobile Games

The Olympics kick off tomorrow and we have recently added two new great games to our catalog from our partner Sega - Sonic at the Olympics and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

“Featuring rich graphics, quality audio and one-thumb controls, Beijing 2008 and Sonic at the Olympic Games both complement and extend the video game line-up for the Olympic Games,” said Linda Chaplin, Vice President of SEGA Mobile. “These two games are great examples of the fun that can be had on the mobile platform – quality, snack-sized games that are easy to pick up and play, are challenging and fun, yet difficult to put down.”

I personally love Sonic and I will be spending some time this weekend seeing how well I can do with him in the hurdles.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Merchant Spotlight:

Check out a great Movaya partner site recently launched - Very slick user interface, and lots of information on new games, what's hot in mobile gaming, and a large selection of both free and try-before-you-buy games.

Thumthug uses Movaya's PlugNPlay system for game catalog, content management, billing and content delivery and Movaya's TryNBuy for the try-before-you-buy functionality. This is exactly the kind of implementation that will help drive the off-deck sales of mobile games.

Check it out now.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Outsource ECommerce Stats

I was talking to a well known Bay Area VC this week and he asked me why a company like Capcom Mobile would have Movaya run their e-commerce site for them rather than do this themselves.

I was somewhat surprised by the question because I assumed that he (as well as every other VC) naturally knew that a large percentage of companies use hosted services rather than run the back-end infrastructure in-house. I mentioned that huge software companies like Microsoft and Symantec outsource some or all of their digital delivery to folks like Digital River (NASDAQ: DRIV).

And today, this study came through from Gartner:

"Within five years, 90% of e-commerce sites will operate at least partly with on-demand software-as-a-service technology—which is available under a monthly subscription rather than licensed and installed on a company’s dedicated infrastructure. The study also notes that by 2013 40% of e-commerce sites will run completely on SaaS technology."

Furthermore, if you look at the earnings reports from Digital River, GSI Commerce and others in this space, they are all doing very well.

As more software gets downloaded to mobile phones, companies like Movaya (who provide these hosted services) will be well positioned to grow revenues and profits at an accelerated rate.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rob Glaser on Mobile Games

John Cook of the Seattle PI recaps a special session with Rob Glaser (RealNetworks CEO) at the Casual Connect conference this week.

Rob's take on mobile games:

"...Meanwhile, mobile games have been relatively slow to take hold, primarily due to the merchandising challenges. But Glaser thinks that may change with the introduction of the iPhone, for which his company recently created a new "South Park" game. Even though the iPhone accounts for just one percent of all handsets, he hopes that it will help spark "indirect energy" for mobile games on other devices..."

The Movaya team couldn't agree more.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

iPhone as Game Changer

Joe Pisani at CNBC has a good article about the changing landscape for mobile gaming with the introduction of the Apple App store. "The store allows users to purchase games -- as well as other applications -- directly from the iPhone itself with just a few taps on the screen. The process is much simpler than with other phones."

Nothing earth shattering in the article that those of us in the space don't already know, but it is great to see mainstream news sources begin to catch on. The discovery and purchase of games from the carrier stores is clumsy at best and as the article highlights, "phone carriers haven't advertised the fact that their customers can play games on their phones."

The fact that consumers in the US spent over $700M on mobile games last year with such an archaic experience tells me that this market has the potential to explode as new (and better) distribution channels open up.

And this growth will not be dedicated to the iPhone. As Joe mentions, "Analysts and game publishers also say that the release of the new iPhone itself will raise the profile of the entire mobile gaming industry and make non-iPhone users more aware that they can play games on their phones." And this is specifically where Movaya's platform comes in - helping game publishers reach mobile phone consumers through stores outside of the carrier channel.

Joe says the industry is "bullish" and we couldn't agree more.

Monday, July 14, 2008 Launches, uses Movaya PlugNPlay XML Feed, a popular casual game merchant website (Alexa rank: 36,128), officially launched it mobile game store this last week, The site is powered by Movaya's PlugNPlay system, and specifically utilizes the unique XML Feed that allows the site to showcase games in any type of application or website. started life in April 2006 as a small company with big ideas, armed with the adrenaline, enthusiasm and dynamism to make a name for itself in the casual games market. That was when our very first Casual Games Global Top 10 (more info about Top 10 you can read here) was published to widespread acclaim, garnering positive responses from both industry leaders and enthusiasts alike. [from About page] is showcasing over 500 mobile games for sale and trial. The site is using the TryNBuy system to allow anyone to try a mobile game for free before purchasing.

Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone App Store Impact

John has a good post about the impact of the Apple App Store on our other blog that is worth a read, but I'd also encourage you to read this Moconews interview with Sega Mobile VP, Linda Chaplin.

Play close attention to her comments about discoverability and distribution. We love the iPhone and although our platform can't sell to iPhone users today, it just shows the future opportunities in front of us as other handset manufacturers launch their next generation devices which we will be able to reach.

On a side note, I've been playing Super Monkey Ball on John's iPhone today and if you have any doubt about the future of mobile gaming, take 5 minutes to play this game and you will be a believer. It is awesome!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

MobileDeluxe Launches - Powered by Movaya

Movaya partner, GOSUB 60, launched a beta version of their new mobile entertainment portal - - with Movaya powering the delivery, billing, reporting and try-before-you-buy back-end for the site.

We've been working with GOSUB 60 for a little over a year now and they are one of the Top 10 Mobile Game Publishers in the US. Thier top games are Solitaire Deluxe, Sudoku Deluxe and Blackjack Cheater.

They've done some innovative things with the site and we're excited to help them grow their business.

You can check out their press release here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Movaya Announces Agreement With IG Fun

The Movaya team is excited to add another mobile game partner to our marketplace - as of today, we are announcing the availability of mobile games from IG Fun.

Under the newly formed partnership, Movaya will distribute IG Fun’s array of mobile games directly to the mobile marketplace. IG Fun content will be readily available to the mobile community via Movaya's PlugNPlay system, a free to use e-commerce solution for mobile content.

Games available immediately through Movaya’s system include selections from IG Fun’s broad catalog of casual and action titles including Battle Chess, Bruce Lee Iron Fist and Tradewinds 2.

“We’re pleased to work with Movaya to bring our games to Movaya's distribution network,” said Sean Malatesta, CEO, IG Fun — Indiagames’ international publishing division. “We continue to look for ways to reach the global audience of mobile gamers and Movaya’s system enables us to reach hundreds — and soon to be thousands — of points of distribution with a single relationship.”

“Movaya is excited to add IG Fun to our growing list of catalog partners,” said Phil Yerkes, CEO of Movaya. “Indiagames, the parent company for IG Fun, is one of the longest established and most innovative mobile games companies and it is fantastic to be working with them."

IG Fun joins an impressive list of major publishers such as Capcom, RealNetworks, GOSUB60 and In-Fusio that have recently partnered with Movaya. Over the coming weeks, Movaya is expected to announce additional partnerships with other leading mobile game publishers.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update: PBA Game to be Promoted on Television

As an update to the previous post on the new Concrete PBA Bowling mobile game, it is important to point out this:

The game is being released worldwide with a big marketing push that starts with the GEICO PBA Team Shootout hosted by Six Flags. The shootout airs on ESPN, and will feature 7-8 telecasts that have a spot promoting the new game, a first for a mobile game on a major network.

That is correct, a mobile game is going to be advertised for the first time on a major television network broadcast.

Movaya is powering the direct to consumer sales of the PBA game for mobile phones.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

IDC Report

Market Intelligence and research firm IDC released some data from their Digital Marketplace Model and Forecast which should put a smile on everyone's face who is in the mobile content space.

From the release:

Nearly a quarter of the world's population - roughly 1.4 billion people - will use the Internet on a regular basis in 2008. This number is expected to surpass 1.9 billion unique users, or 30% of the world's population, in 2012, according to IDC's Digital Marketplace Model and Forecast.

"The Internet will have added its second billion users over a span of about eight years, a testament to both its universal appeal and its availability," said John Gantz, chief research officer at IDC. "In this time, the Internet has also become more deeply integrated into the fabric of many users' personal and professional lives, enabling them to work, play, and socialize anytime from anywhere. These trends will accelerate as the number of mobile users continues to soar and the Internet becomes truly ubiquitous."

While the PC is currently the dominant means of gaining access to the Internet, IDC expects the number of mobile devices accessing the Internet will surpass the number of online PCs by 2012.

Additional highlights from IDC's Digital Marketplace Model and Forecast include the following:

* Users will access the Internet through more than 1.5 billion devices worldwide in 2008, including PCs, mobile phones, and online videogame consoles. By 2012, the number of devices accessing the Internet will double to more than 3 billion, half of which will be mobile devices.

* Roughly 40% of all Internet users worldwide currently have mobile Internet access. The number of mobile Internet users will reach 546 million in 2008, nearly twice as many as in 2006, and is forecast to surpass 1.5 billion worldwide in 2012.

* The most popular online activities today are searching the Web, finding information for personal use, using Internet email, accessing news and sports information, and accessing financial or credit information. In addition to these activities, more than 50% of online users worldwide are using instant messaging and playing online games.

In case you need any help with the math,

1.5B people connecting to the Internet from their mobile phones.
50% play games online.

That sounds like at least 750M mobile gamers worldwide. My research shows the current number of mobile gamers worldwide at 165M.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cake Mania 2: Bake Off! Now Available

Two of Movaya's partners (Vivendi and Sandlot) have hooked up to launch a new mobile game this week.

Vivendi Games Mobile, a division of Vivendi Games, announced the release of Cake Mania 2: Bake Off! for mobile, an exciting spin-off of the wildly successful PC Franchise, Cake Mania, which has claimed more than 70 million downloads to date. Cake Mania 2: Bake Off! allows players to show off their baking skills in the zany and exciting new baking experience for mobile phones.

Cake Mania 2: Bake Off! for mobile is based on the best-selling casual PC game, Cake Mania 2, where the game's iconic baker, Jill, is back to baking and decorating cakes in a new mobile adventure. In the hit sequel, players will explore six far-flung bakery locations and serve up delicious original creations to quirky customers, ranging from federal agents to mysterious aliens. Players will choose which path Jill pursues, with each decision leading to new baking challenges and dilemmas. The game includes 72 levels of baking and frosting madness, multiple endings and a branching, non-linear thrilling storyline.

"Cake Mania 2: Bake Off! provides a fantastically fun mobile experience that is sure to satisfy fans of all ages," said Paul Maglione, president of Vivendi Games Mobile. "Cake Mania 2: Bake Off! is the perfect addition to our growing portfolio of top-rated, unique entertainment properties. We are excited to partner with Sandlot Games to offer the millions of Cake Mania fans another outlet to play this unrivaled game."

"We are extremely excited to partner with Vivendi Games Mobile to extend the Cake Mania franchise beyond the PC," said Daniel Bernstein, founder and CEO of Sandlot Games. "With broad consumer appeal and strong brand recognition, Cake Mania 2: Bake Off! will not only thrill Cake maniacs everywhere but will also appeal to anyone looking for a different kind of casual mobile game."

The game is available on carrier decks and will be downloadable from Sandlot's site (using our system) soon as well.

Mobile Edutainment

Interesting article worth a read from the Mail & Guardian about the educational potential of mobile content. This is a trend worth watching and we've had a number of conversations recently with content developers looking to bring "edutainment" to mobile devices.

Often, when I tell people what we do - help distribute games and applications to mobile devices - a standard response is something like - "Oh, you help people find ways to screw around and waste time on their phones." And although we love playing games and using our phones for other diversions, there is a lot of potential benefit playing learning and memory games. Game-based learning is getting a fair amount of focus right now, and many parents are becoming aware of the potential of games as learning tools.

We'll be announcing some partnerships in this space in the coming weeks and are updating our system to have new categories that cater to this area as well. Stay tuned.

New Publisher Added - JoyBits

Movaya is excited to announce that we have added a new mobile game publisher to our growing partner list.

JoyBits is a leading Russian mobile game-developer and content-aggregator that was started in 2002. JoyBits’ studio has produced over 30 mobile games and J2ME products that combine in-depth stories, excellent graphics and unique-to-mobile design.

Their latest hit game that was launched earlier this year is Russian Roulette.

You can probably figure out the objective of this game and although this title is not going to be for everyone, it's pretty fun. We should be adding their titles to the catalog within the next week or two so stay tuned.

We're glad to have JoyBits on board and eager to help them grow their off-deck business.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Text PBA to 70250

Movaya and mobile game Publisher Concrete Software launched a text keyword campaign today to allow consumers to order Concrete's new PBA Bowling game.

PBA fans can find an advertisement on the website for the game, and then head off to Concrete's website to see the offer. The game is available for a wide array of mobile devices, and for those consumers with a regualr mobile phone (as opposed to a Smartphone/Blackberry), they will be using Movaya's platform to purchase the game.

Movaya offers text keywords to all of its clients, allowing for flexibility in marketing mobile games to consumers from offline publications such as magazines, or simply to offer the game for sale from a website like Concrete has done.

Movaya sells many of the games Concrete makes for mobile phones, including card games such as Aces Texas Hold'em - No Limit, for sale at and many other Movaya merchant partners.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mobile Gospel Communications Uses PlugNPlay

One of Movaya's new merchant partners that has recently launched their site is Mobile Gospel Communications (MGC) - bringing the gospel to mobile phones.

Through their service that is powered by Movaya's PlugNPlay, Mobile Gospel Communications enables churches and ministries to:
  • Deliver their favorite church/ministry leader’s sermons, songs, video and pictures to mobile phones.
  • Drive new revenue for their ministries that can be used for Building Funds, Youth Ministry, Helps Ministry etc.
What exactly does Movaya provide to MGC?
A one-stop shop that provides:
  1. Seamless web integration of MGC's existing website with Movaya's web checkout
  2. Content Management of MGC's catalog of content with billing, delivery and support for over 3,000 devices across over 150M wireless subscribers
  3. Real-time reporting for all sell-through and usage activities
  4. Customer service for end-user technical support
  5. All hardware and software required to run the service
All of this for very little out-of-pocket expense and a quick launch to market. And through Movaya's business model we share in the future success of the project.

MGC plans to bring their services to hundreds, if not thousands of organizations around the world, and Movaya's excited to help MGC achieve their goals.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Movaya Update - China Earthquake

Dear Movaya Friends,

As you know, a major earthquake struck the Sichuan Province of China on Monday, May 12th at 2:30pm local time. Some of you may also be aware that Movaya has a development office in Chengdu, which houses 15 employees and is overseen by Stanley Wang, a former resident of Chengdu and Movaya’s co-founder and CTO. The epicenter of the earthquake was about 60 miles Northwest of Chengdu.

Movaya Chengdu Team

Miraculously, all of our employees were unharmed in this tragedy and there will be limited business impact. Sadly, this cannot be said of many other businesses and people, many of whom have lost their businesses, their homes and their loved ones. The death toll is already estimated at exceeding 13,000 and the numbers will surely go up based on the information we're reading online as well as info. we’re getting from our China team. Our hearts go out to them during this time of need.

I want to thank those of you who already sent notes to us checking in on our team and also let you know that if you’re interested in helping out with relief efforts, you can donate through MercyCorps: or The Red Cross:



Monday, May 12, 2008

Mpowerplayer and Movaya Partner to Drive Mobile Game Sales

RESTON, Va. and SEATTLE ─ May 12, 2008 ─ Mpowerplayer (, the leading provider of online mobile game trial and merchandising for the wireless industry, and Movaya (, the complete web-based, e-commerce software platform for mobile-content transactions, today announced a partnership to integrate Movaya’s PlugNPlay purchasing solution into Mpowerplayer’s desktop arcade.

“Mpowerplayer's user base of consumers wanting to test drive mobile games from their PC continues to grow,” said Joe Ariganello, vice president of business development at Mpowerplayer. “Movaya’s plug and play has clearly emerged as a perfect complimentary platform to integrate purchasing into our desktop mobile arcade, making the purchase process seamless and easy for seasoned or new mobile game consumers.”

"Mpowerplayer’s offering to consumers interested in mobile games is a natural fit for our PlugNPlay platform," said Phil Yerkes, CEO of Movaya. "Our technologies complement each other and give publishers more options to help drive sales and deliver mobile games to more and more consumers."

Aces Texas Hold’em No Limit and Aces Blackjack by Concrete Software ( will be the first titles enabled with Movaya’s PlugNPlay technology at the Mpowerplayer arcade, with several new titles planned to be added soon.

About Mpowerplayer
Mpowerplayer is the number-one consumer destination in the world for online demos of mobile games. The company’s proprietary software solutions enable mobile content providers to better merchandise, market, and interact with a targeted user audience of mobile consumers. To promote your content to a growing audience of enthusiastic mobile consumers, or for more information, visit or email

About Movaya
Movaya ( is a Seattle-based technology company, whose mobile content management and distribution software system allows mobile content publishers and online retailers to effortlessly extend their businesses to the growing off-deck mobile content marketplace. Movaya PlugNPlay is the company's flagship product, which brings together Mobile Game and Application Publishers, Online Retailers and consumers in one marketplace for Mobile goods. Movaya is powering the off-deck, mobile industry.

# # #
Press Contacts:
Joe Ariganello
(703) 880 6556 x805

john.calian @
John Calian
(206) 527-2920

Monday, May 5, 2008

VideoGameCentral and Movaya Partner

The Movaya team is excited to announce that popular gaming site, has added mobile games to their online destination at

VideoGameCentral Mobile will be offering a platform chock full of mobile content from new & classic games to fan based items such as phone game wallpapers and video game ringtones.

"We acknowledge that gaming is a global platform & that there are many casual on-the-go gamers. Not everyone has the need to purchase portable game systems or home units to enjoy casual gaming. We are in a day & age that our cell-phones, blackberries & mobile communication devices have the robust ability to provide quality entertainment easily at a low price" said Dave Scarpitta, Marketing Director at VGC.

Just another example of the growing trend towards off-deck sales of mobile content here in the US. Look for other big online merchants to follow suit.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Movaya Recognized as a Mobile Player

In a report released today from Multimedia Intelligence, Movaya was recognized as one of the leading innovators and upstarts in the mobile content platform industry.

“Mobile Content Platforms: Mobile 2.0 and Advertising Join the Party” covers the software platforms used to deliver & monetize content to mobile handsets. The research contains five-year worldwide forecasts of global market revenue for video, music, gaming and images. The forecast for the emerging category of advertising in premium is included. The report also presents market share in these areas for mobile operators, content providers and content-enablement companies. The report provides a further breakdown of revenue share for the content-enablement companies by revenue share of music including ringtone, ringtune, ringback, over-the-air full music track download, streaming music revenue by region. The report also contains profiles of major mobile content enablement platform companies and trends and predictions for the industry."

Movaya is listed alphabetically in the company list, nestled between Motricity and Mozilla. Nice company.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Burger King & Mobliss Launch BK City

Yesterday, Burger King announced the launch of BK City - a new mobile multi-level game with three distinct worlds and 12 dynamic, progressively challenging mini-games developed and released by Mobliss,Inc.

The game was announced last October and will now be promoted nation wide in Burger King restaurants.

Designed to appeal to the gamer in everyone, the BK CITY game is supported by a variety of national carriers and available exclusively for download by texting “KING” to 90210 for a monthly subscription fee of $2.99.

Mobliss has been a partner of Movaya's for some time now and we are excited to help with this launch by providing the content management, billing, delivery, customer service and reporting for this offer.

In addition to promotion in store, consumers will be able to find out about the game and buy the game from Burger King's web and wap sites, both powered by Movaya.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Movaya Launches Free Trial Download Service for Mobile Games

Movaya TryNBuy to allow consumers to play mobile phone games before purchasing

Seattle, WA, February 07, 2008 -- Movaya, a mobile content distribution and services company, announced today the BETA launch of Movaya TryNBuy, the first off-deck, cross-carrier, try-before-you-buy system for mobile game sales in the US.

Over 30 mobile game publishers are taking part in the BETA launch, including top game publisher Com2uS. As a leading developer and publisher of original mobile games, Com2uS is always looking for new ways to reach mobile consumers," said Don Lim, general manager of Com2uS America. "With Movaya's TryNBuy, we know that once people are able to try out titles like the award-winning Tower Defense or our addictive stick-figure phenomenon, Super Action Hero, we'll be creating a whole new group of Com2uS fans."

TryNBuy is a patent-pending licensing system that allows consumers to download games over-the-air to their mobile phones and try games on their handset. Upon purchase, the games are ‘unlocked’ for unlimited use. TryNBuy is configurable on multiple levels including length of play, number of plays, and more.

“There has been widespread commentary on the factors holding back the growth of mobile games in the US. With our PlugNPlay launch last year, Movaya solved one of the major issues, which is to increase points of distribution. And now with TryNBuy, Movaya has solved the last remaining issue, which is the risk-free download for consumers. Try-before-you-buy was a major driver in the huge growth of casual games on the desktop and now Movaya is bringing this to the mobile marketplace.” says Movaya CEO Phil Yerkes. (see info below from Juniper)

To check out Movaya TryNBuy BETA, please visit on your PC or on your mobile phone. BustedThumbs is a direct to consumer merchant of mobile games and content.

About Movaya
Movaya ( is a Seattle-based technology company, whose mobile-content management and distribution software system allows mobile content publishers and online retailers to effortlessly extend their businesses to the growing off-deck mobile content marketplace. Movaya PlugNPlay is the company’s flagship product, which brings together Mobile Game and Application Publishers, Online Retailers and consumers in one marketplace for Mobile goods. Movaya is powering the off-deck, mobile industry.

From MobileCrunch:
Juniper Research released a report this week that predicts mobile gaming revenues in North America will increase from less than $800 million to over $3 billion by 2012. (Incidentally, 2012 is the year the Mayan colander ends. I’m hoping they just ran out of rock to chisel on and weren’t predicting the end of the world.) 18 million Americans download or rent mobile games a least once per year, but Juniper predicts that as user interfaces improve and business models change, the number of mobile gamers will greatly increase. Juniper predicts that in-game advertising, free trial periods and better marketing will all come together to make mobile gaming a billion dollar industry in North America.

Monday, February 4, 2008

IN-FUSIO Enters Distribution Partnership with Movaya

Los Angeles, Calif. – February 1, 2008IN-FUSIO, a leading mobile entertainment company, today announced its partnership with Movaya, an off-deck, mobile content distribution company.

In-Fusio Mobile GamesUnder the newly formed partnership, Movaya will distribute IN-FUSIO's array of mobile content directly to the mobile marketplace. IN-FUSIO content will be readily available to the mobile community via Movaya's PlugNPlay system, a free to use ecommerce solution for mobile content.

"This new relationship with Movaya will bring our games and other applications to the mobile marketplace while allowing us to continue focusing our energy on developing high-quality mobile content," said Norman Evangelista, CEO of In-Fusio North America. "We expect it to be a highly beneficial partnership, with the end result being a greater selection of top-of-the-line mobile content for consumers."

"IN-FUSIO's unique and steadily growing portfolio of mobile content is a great fit for our PlugNPlay platform," said Phil Yerkes, CEO of Movaya. "We look forward to helping IN-FUSIO bring their games to a wider audience, and ultimately increasing their off-deck sales, using our streamlined system."

IN-FUSIO division is a leading international mobile entertainment company, publishing games and applications for cell phones worldwide. IN-FUSIO applications are enjoyed and available through more than 300 carriers and portals worldwide. IN-FUSIO's portfolio includes licensed applications based on Microsoft's Age of Empires® 2, and Zoo Tycoon® 2, Neopets®, Twentieth Century Fox's Die Hard, Canal Studio Image's The Terminator™, Tour de France, Golden Tee™, and original titles such as the award winning Shado Fighter and the famous Wallbreaker sold on more than 27 millions handsets. For more information, please visit

About Movaya
Movaya ( is a Seattle-based technology company, whose mobile-content management and distribution software system allows mobile content publishers and online retailers to effortlessly extend their businesses to the growing off-deck mobile content marketplace. Movaya PlugNPlay is the company’s flagship product, which brings together Mobile Game and Application Publishers, Online Retailers and consumers in one marketplace for Mobile goods. Movaya is powering the off-deck, mobile industry.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Mobatech Selects Movaya to Power Direct-to-Consumer Mobile Content Distribution and Commerce

Movaya has inked another deal with a mobile application publisher, Mobatech. Below is the press release announcing the relationship. Please contact us with any questions.

Movaya PlugNPlay Platform Streamlines Transaction and Delivery Processes Making Best-Selling Mobatech Personal Productivity Applications Even More Accessible to Consumers

Bloomfield Hills, Mich. – January 8, 2008Mobatech, a developer of leading edge personal productivity software for cellular phones, today announced it has selected Movaya’s PlugNPlay solution to power the direct-to-consumer commerce and software distribution for its best-selling mobile lifestyle applications.

Movaya PlugNPlay provides a complete solution for the distribution of mobile content, including an all-inclusive software platform that enables web-based business-to-consumer transactions for wireless applications. Under the terms of the agreement, Movaya will handle content management, billing and delivery of Mobatech applications to consumers, while Mobatech will remain focused on its core business which includes software application design and development.

Mobatech customers will benefit from a seamless transaction experience that takes place directly from the Mobatech site. The Movaya solution also enables transactions to appear on the customer’s next monthly cell phone bill by simply including their carrier information and cell phone number, removing the need for credit cards or other forms of payment.

"Movaya will serve as a key strategic business partner, enabling Mobatech to maintain focus on its core business of software development, while still extending our offerings to the growing mobile applications marketplace," said Greg Schwartz, CEO, Mobatech. "We are impressed with Movaya’s ability to offer a single point of integration between the Mobatech Website and our customers’ mobile devices. Our customers will benefit from fast, simple and secure transactions that take place in a matter of seconds."

"Mobatech has done a tremendous job working directly with wireless operators and select Websites to make its industry-leading applications widely accessible to consumers to date," said Phil Yerkes, CEO, Movaya. "We’re excited to help the company redefine their direct-to-consumer mobile experience and further increase off-deck transactions by leveraging our comprehensive PlugNPlay platform."

Since its inception in 2003, Mobatech has been dedicated to developing high quality mobile solutions that customers will find easy to use and that integrates seamlessly into their everyday lives. Its Mobile Checkbook and Mobile Bartender applications have shared lengthy stints as the industry’s best-selling applications for cellular phones in the personal productivity category.

About Movaya
Movaya ( is a Seattle-based technology company, whose mobile-content management and distribution software system allows mobile content publishers and online retailers to effortlessly extend their businesses to the growing off-deck mobile content marketplace. Movaya PlugNPlay is the company’s flagship product, which brings together Mobile Game and Application Publishers, Online Retailers and consumers in one marketplace for Mobile goods. Movaya is powering the off-deck, mobile industry.

About Mobatech
Mobatech is dedicated to designing and developing leading edge software for cellular phones. Mobatech focuses on creating high quality personal productivity applications that customers will find easy to use and beneficial to their everyday lives. Mobatech's products have been sold in over 70 countries worldwide and are distributed by some of the world’s largest mobile providers.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 - The Year of the Mobile Game

Movaya predicts 2008 will be the Year of the Mobile Game.

Some of the reasons why:

  • Mobile gaming growth rate stronger than console (XBOX, PS, Wii) and handheld (think portable playstation) games; trails only casual games today (MobileIndustry article)
  • Mobile game publishers are embracing off-deck solutions, as witnessed by the GLU financial statements, EA's quarterly statements and the general traction Movaya is getting from game publisher sign ups (including Capcom, Com2uS, Machineworks Northwest, PlayerX, Superscape and more).
  • Verizon opens up: Introduces 'Any app, Any Device'. No off-deck yet, but it is on the way, and Verizon is clearly starting to think outside 'the walls'. Read more here
  • iPhone users are proving that games matter, since 6 out of the top 10 applications used today are games (Apple iPhone Apps Countdown) - this says a lot about the usefulness of advanced devices and their ability to play games.
  • Google releases Android, the open-source mobile OS, suggesting a future of customer-centric devices made for advanced gaming
  • Overall, the mobile-game market in the United States is worth more than $675 million a year - and has grown 24 percent in the past 12 months, according to Nielsen Media Research. Some analysts expect it to double in revenue next year, thanks to shows like Top Chef Challenge that target new demographics.
  • The international market is also projected to double - topping $10 billion by the end of next year, with 920 million mobile users downloading games, according to a report issued last month by Jupiter Research, a global leader in high-tech communications research.

Help us make 2008 a great year in Mobile Gaming and Applications, and let us help you by making our platform better, send us your ideas for the new year: Email the team