Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Movaya Launches Free Trial Download Service for Mobile Games

Movaya TryNBuy to allow consumers to play mobile phone games before purchasing

Seattle, WA, February 07, 2008 -- Movaya, a mobile content distribution and services company, announced today the BETA launch of Movaya TryNBuy, the first off-deck, cross-carrier, try-before-you-buy system for mobile game sales in the US.

Over 30 mobile game publishers are taking part in the BETA launch, including top game publisher Com2uS. As a leading developer and publisher of original mobile games, Com2uS is always looking for new ways to reach mobile consumers," said Don Lim, general manager of Com2uS America. "With Movaya's TryNBuy, we know that once people are able to try out titles like the award-winning Tower Defense or our addictive stick-figure phenomenon, Super Action Hero, we'll be creating a whole new group of Com2uS fans."

TryNBuy is a patent-pending licensing system that allows consumers to download games over-the-air to their mobile phones and try games on their handset. Upon purchase, the games are ‘unlocked’ for unlimited use. TryNBuy is configurable on multiple levels including length of play, number of plays, and more.

“There has been widespread commentary on the factors holding back the growth of mobile games in the US. With our PlugNPlay launch last year, Movaya solved one of the major issues, which is to increase points of distribution. And now with TryNBuy, Movaya has solved the last remaining issue, which is the risk-free download for consumers. Try-before-you-buy was a major driver in the huge growth of casual games on the desktop and now Movaya is bringing this to the mobile marketplace.” says Movaya CEO Phil Yerkes. (see info below from Juniper)

To check out Movaya TryNBuy BETA, please visit on your PC or on your mobile phone. BustedThumbs is a direct to consumer merchant of mobile games and content.

About Movaya
Movaya ( is a Seattle-based technology company, whose mobile-content management and distribution software system allows mobile content publishers and online retailers to effortlessly extend their businesses to the growing off-deck mobile content marketplace. Movaya PlugNPlay is the company’s flagship product, which brings together Mobile Game and Application Publishers, Online Retailers and consumers in one marketplace for Mobile goods. Movaya is powering the off-deck, mobile industry.

From MobileCrunch:
Juniper Research released a report this week that predicts mobile gaming revenues in North America will increase from less than $800 million to over $3 billion by 2012. (Incidentally, 2012 is the year the Mayan colander ends. I’m hoping they just ran out of rock to chisel on and weren’t predicting the end of the world.) 18 million Americans download or rent mobile games a least once per year, but Juniper predicts that as user interfaces improve and business models change, the number of mobile gamers will greatly increase. Juniper predicts that in-game advertising, free trial periods and better marketing will all come together to make mobile gaming a billion dollar industry in North America.

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