Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Movaya Recognized as a Mobile Player

In a report released today from Multimedia Intelligence, Movaya was recognized as one of the leading innovators and upstarts in the mobile content platform industry.

“Mobile Content Platforms: Mobile 2.0 and Advertising Join the Party” covers the software platforms used to deliver & monetize content to mobile handsets. The research contains five-year worldwide forecasts of global market revenue for video, music, gaming and images. The forecast for the emerging category of advertising in premium is included. The report also presents market share in these areas for mobile operators, content providers and content-enablement companies. The report provides a further breakdown of revenue share for the content-enablement companies by revenue share of music including ringtone, ringtune, ringback, over-the-air full music track download, streaming music revenue by region. The report also contains profiles of major mobile content enablement platform companies and trends and predictions for the industry."

Movaya is listed alphabetically in the company list, nestled between Motricity and Mozilla. Nice company.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Burger King & Mobliss Launch BK City

Yesterday, Burger King announced the launch of BK City - a new mobile multi-level game with three distinct worlds and 12 dynamic, progressively challenging mini-games developed and released by Mobliss,Inc.

The game was announced last October and will now be promoted nation wide in Burger King restaurants.

Designed to appeal to the gamer in everyone, the BK CITY game is supported by a variety of national carriers and available exclusively for download by texting “KING” to 90210 for a monthly subscription fee of $2.99.

Mobliss has been a partner of Movaya's for some time now and we are excited to help with this launch by providing the content management, billing, delivery, customer service and reporting for this offer.

In addition to promotion in store, consumers will be able to find out about the game and buy the game from Burger King's web and wap sites, both powered by Movaya.