Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mobile Edutainment

Interesting article worth a read from the Mail & Guardian about the educational potential of mobile content. This is a trend worth watching and we've had a number of conversations recently with content developers looking to bring "edutainment" to mobile devices.

Often, when I tell people what we do - help distribute games and applications to mobile devices - a standard response is something like - "Oh, you help people find ways to screw around and waste time on their phones." And although we love playing games and using our phones for other diversions, there is a lot of potential benefit playing learning and memory games. Game-based learning is getting a fair amount of focus right now, and many parents are becoming aware of the potential of games as learning tools.

We'll be announcing some partnerships in this space in the coming weeks and are updating our system to have new categories that cater to this area as well. Stay tuned.

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