Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mobile Gospel Communications Uses PlugNPlay

One of Movaya's new merchant partners that has recently launched their site is Mobile Gospel Communications (MGC) - bringing the gospel to mobile phones.

Through their service that is powered by Movaya's PlugNPlay, Mobile Gospel Communications enables churches and ministries to:
  • Deliver their favorite church/ministry leader’s sermons, songs, video and pictures to mobile phones.
  • Drive new revenue for their ministries that can be used for Building Funds, Youth Ministry, Helps Ministry etc.
What exactly does Movaya provide to MGC?
A one-stop shop that provides:
  1. Seamless web integration of MGC's existing website with Movaya's web checkout
  2. Content Management of MGC's catalog of content with billing, delivery and support for over 3,000 devices across over 150M wireless subscribers
  3. Real-time reporting for all sell-through and usage activities
  4. Customer service for end-user technical support
  5. All hardware and software required to run the service
All of this for very little out-of-pocket expense and a quick launch to market. And through Movaya's business model we share in the future success of the project.

MGC plans to bring their services to hundreds, if not thousands of organizations around the world, and Movaya's excited to help MGC achieve their goals.

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