Sunday, June 22, 2008

Text PBA to 70250

Movaya and mobile game Publisher Concrete Software launched a text keyword campaign today to allow consumers to order Concrete's new PBA Bowling game.

PBA fans can find an advertisement on the website for the game, and then head off to Concrete's website to see the offer. The game is available for a wide array of mobile devices, and for those consumers with a regualr mobile phone (as opposed to a Smartphone/Blackberry), they will be using Movaya's platform to purchase the game.

Movaya offers text keywords to all of its clients, allowing for flexibility in marketing mobile games to consumers from offline publications such as magazines, or simply to offer the game for sale from a website like Concrete has done.

Movaya sells many of the games Concrete makes for mobile phones, including card games such as Aces Texas Hold'em - No Limit, for sale at and many other Movaya merchant partners.

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