Thursday, July 31, 2008

Outsource ECommerce Stats

I was talking to a well known Bay Area VC this week and he asked me why a company like Capcom Mobile would have Movaya run their e-commerce site for them rather than do this themselves.

I was somewhat surprised by the question because I assumed that he (as well as every other VC) naturally knew that a large percentage of companies use hosted services rather than run the back-end infrastructure in-house. I mentioned that huge software companies like Microsoft and Symantec outsource some or all of their digital delivery to folks like Digital River (NASDAQ: DRIV).

And today, this study came through from Gartner:

"Within five years, 90% of e-commerce sites will operate at least partly with on-demand software-as-a-service technology—which is available under a monthly subscription rather than licensed and installed on a company’s dedicated infrastructure. The study also notes that by 2013 40% of e-commerce sites will run completely on SaaS technology."

Furthermore, if you look at the earnings reports from Digital River, GSI Commerce and others in this space, they are all doing very well.

As more software gets downloaded to mobile phones, companies like Movaya (who provide these hosted services) will be well positioned to grow revenues and profits at an accelerated rate.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rob Glaser on Mobile Games

John Cook of the Seattle PI recaps a special session with Rob Glaser (RealNetworks CEO) at the Casual Connect conference this week.

Rob's take on mobile games:

"...Meanwhile, mobile games have been relatively slow to take hold, primarily due to the merchandising challenges. But Glaser thinks that may change with the introduction of the iPhone, for which his company recently created a new "South Park" game. Even though the iPhone accounts for just one percent of all handsets, he hopes that it will help spark "indirect energy" for mobile games on other devices..."

The Movaya team couldn't agree more.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

iPhone as Game Changer

Joe Pisani at CNBC has a good article about the changing landscape for mobile gaming with the introduction of the Apple App store. "The store allows users to purchase games -- as well as other applications -- directly from the iPhone itself with just a few taps on the screen. The process is much simpler than with other phones."

Nothing earth shattering in the article that those of us in the space don't already know, but it is great to see mainstream news sources begin to catch on. The discovery and purchase of games from the carrier stores is clumsy at best and as the article highlights, "phone carriers haven't advertised the fact that their customers can play games on their phones."

The fact that consumers in the US spent over $700M on mobile games last year with such an archaic experience tells me that this market has the potential to explode as new (and better) distribution channels open up.

And this growth will not be dedicated to the iPhone. As Joe mentions, "Analysts and game publishers also say that the release of the new iPhone itself will raise the profile of the entire mobile gaming industry and make non-iPhone users more aware that they can play games on their phones." And this is specifically where Movaya's platform comes in - helping game publishers reach mobile phone consumers through stores outside of the carrier channel.

Joe says the industry is "bullish" and we couldn't agree more.

Monday, July 14, 2008 Launches, uses Movaya PlugNPlay XML Feed, a popular casual game merchant website (Alexa rank: 36,128), officially launched it mobile game store this last week, The site is powered by Movaya's PlugNPlay system, and specifically utilizes the unique XML Feed that allows the site to showcase games in any type of application or website. started life in April 2006 as a small company with big ideas, armed with the adrenaline, enthusiasm and dynamism to make a name for itself in the casual games market. That was when our very first Casual Games Global Top 10 (more info about Top 10 you can read here) was published to widespread acclaim, garnering positive responses from both industry leaders and enthusiasts alike. [from About page] is showcasing over 500 mobile games for sale and trial. The site is using the TryNBuy system to allow anyone to try a mobile game for free before purchasing.

Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone App Store Impact

John has a good post about the impact of the Apple App Store on our other blog that is worth a read, but I'd also encourage you to read this Moconews interview with Sega Mobile VP, Linda Chaplin.

Play close attention to her comments about discoverability and distribution. We love the iPhone and although our platform can't sell to iPhone users today, it just shows the future opportunities in front of us as other handset manufacturers launch their next generation devices which we will be able to reach.

On a side note, I've been playing Super Monkey Ball on John's iPhone today and if you have any doubt about the future of mobile gaming, take 5 minutes to play this game and you will be a believer. It is awesome!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

MobileDeluxe Launches - Powered by Movaya

Movaya partner, GOSUB 60, launched a beta version of their new mobile entertainment portal - - with Movaya powering the delivery, billing, reporting and try-before-you-buy back-end for the site.

We've been working with GOSUB 60 for a little over a year now and they are one of the Top 10 Mobile Game Publishers in the US. Thier top games are Solitaire Deluxe, Sudoku Deluxe and Blackjack Cheater.

They've done some innovative things with the site and we're excited to help them grow their business.

You can check out their press release here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Movaya Announces Agreement With IG Fun

The Movaya team is excited to add another mobile game partner to our marketplace - as of today, we are announcing the availability of mobile games from IG Fun.

Under the newly formed partnership, Movaya will distribute IG Fun’s array of mobile games directly to the mobile marketplace. IG Fun content will be readily available to the mobile community via Movaya's PlugNPlay system, a free to use e-commerce solution for mobile content.

Games available immediately through Movaya’s system include selections from IG Fun’s broad catalog of casual and action titles including Battle Chess, Bruce Lee Iron Fist and Tradewinds 2.

“We’re pleased to work with Movaya to bring our games to Movaya's distribution network,” said Sean Malatesta, CEO, IG Fun — Indiagames’ international publishing division. “We continue to look for ways to reach the global audience of mobile gamers and Movaya’s system enables us to reach hundreds — and soon to be thousands — of points of distribution with a single relationship.”

“Movaya is excited to add IG Fun to our growing list of catalog partners,” said Phil Yerkes, CEO of Movaya. “Indiagames, the parent company for IG Fun, is one of the longest established and most innovative mobile games companies and it is fantastic to be working with them."

IG Fun joins an impressive list of major publishers such as Capcom, RealNetworks, GOSUB60 and In-Fusio that have recently partnered with Movaya. Over the coming weeks, Movaya is expected to announce additional partnerships with other leading mobile game publishers.