Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Content Partner - Agitatio

The Movaya team is excited to add a new partner to our growing list of Content Developers - Norway based Agitatio.

Agitatio is a developer and publisher of mobile edutainment. They create game-based learning that is hard fun, with an emphasis on fun.

Their motto:

"If it is entertaining, users will play our games frequently, learning in the process."

The first game that they've added to the network is Problemathic 12+. It is a math breakout game that provides several hours of great entertainment and learning.

You can play in five different locations with seven levels apiece. Locations are based on important historical places for maths. Suitable for users aged 12+ years.

I gave it a spin on my SonyEricsson w580i this afternoon and it is both fun and hard. We look forward to helping Agitatio sell thousands of copies of this game and others.

You will be able to download directly from Agitatio's website soon as well as from BustedThumbs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Apple App Store First Month Sales of $30M

Was on vacation last week in sunny San Diego so didn't have much time to blog but wanted to highlight one bit of news that I'm sure just about everyone in the mobile content space saw - in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs reported that users of Apple's new App Store have downloaded more than 60 million programs, generating a total of about $30 million in sales since the service launched one month ago.

Video game developer Sega Corp. was among the biggest earners, having sold 300,000 copies of its $9.99 Super Monkeyball game in just 20 days, fueling revenues of nearly $3 million.

This is an unbelievable accomplishment in a short period of time and truly demonstrates the potential of the next generation mobile content marketplace.

According to my calculations, Apple accomplished these 60 million downloads to a base of just over 8 million iPhone users. Here's how I come up with those numbers:

April 1-June 30, 2007: 270K iPhones sold
July 1-September 30, 2007: 1.2M iPhones sold
October 1-December 31, 2007: 2.4M iPhones sold
January 1-March 30, 2008: 1.7M iPhones sold
April 1-June 30, 2008: 700K iPhones sold
July 1-today: 2M iPhones sold

Outside of the last period, all the other numbers are "official" from Apple earnings releases.

In June, Investment banker Piper Jaffray estimated that the App Store could be worth a billion dollars to Apple by the end of 2009 (based on 60M iPhones sold in the market).

And to think that even with 60M phones sold, Apple will still have less than 2% market share of all cellphones worldwide. A lot of opportunity to sell content to the other 3.74 billion mobile subscribers.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Get in the Olympic Spirit with Two New Mobile Games

The Olympics kick off tomorrow and we have recently added two new great games to our catalog from our partner Sega - Sonic at the Olympics and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

“Featuring rich graphics, quality audio and one-thumb controls, Beijing 2008 and Sonic at the Olympic Games both complement and extend the video game line-up for the Olympic Games,” said Linda Chaplin, Vice President of SEGA Mobile. “These two games are great examples of the fun that can be had on the mobile platform – quality, snack-sized games that are easy to pick up and play, are challenging and fun, yet difficult to put down.”

I personally love Sonic and I will be spending some time this weekend seeing how well I can do with him in the hurdles.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Merchant Spotlight:

Check out a great Movaya partner site recently launched - Very slick user interface, and lots of information on new games, what's hot in mobile gaming, and a large selection of both free and try-before-you-buy games.

Thumthug uses Movaya's PlugNPlay system for game catalog, content management, billing and content delivery and Movaya's TryNBuy for the try-before-you-buy functionality. This is exactly the kind of implementation that will help drive the off-deck sales of mobile games.

Check it out now.