Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Publisher Spotlight - Concrete Software

Concrete Software is a content provider of award-winning, innovative mobile software for hundreds of mobile devices around the world.

Concrete is best known for building the award winning line of Aces poker games as well as other innovative games that incorporate GPS, Bluetooth, server-side multiplayer, camera-motion, and 3D environments. Concrete applications and games can be found in retail stores, major websites, and mobile carriers around the world. Based in Minneapolis, Concrete Software was founded in 2003 and is privately owned.

Concrete has been a partner of Movaya's for awhile now. We distribute their J2ME games through third party merchants like Shabu Games and we also enable Concrete to sell their games directly from their own website.

Concrete is one of a few smaller independent mobile game publishers that have done very well in the mobile space and we're glad to have them as a partner. Personally, my favorite game of theirs is Tramp Champ which you can try for free at BustedThumbs.

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